Estate Planning

Our estate planning services focus on protecting and transferring wealth, preserving real estate, businesses and other assets, and fulfilling the lifetime and testamentary goals of our clients. Our personalized services focus on your estate planning and wealth transfer needs by establishing long-term client relationships designed to thrive over multiple generations.

Estate Plans That Fit

Estate plans are designed to preserve the maximum amount of wealth possible for intended beneficiaries while preserving flexibility for an individual or family prior to death. Federal and state tax laws are key concerns in drafting and implementing effective estate plans. Our starting point, however, is to understand the unique concerns and desires of each client and the circumstances behind the need for an effective plan, regardless of the complexity. Sometimes our clients have a firm sense of their goals and sometimes our clients are in the early stages of assessing their future plans. Whatever the circumstances, we take the time necessary to develop an estate plan that fits each client. With our comprehensive knowledge of the law, we employ estate planning tools to create a customized plan that best addresses each client’s needs, goals and values while carefully considering tax burdens, family harmony and securing a legacy for future generations.

Estate Plans That Achieve Clients’ Goals

Through close relationships with clients over time, and with careful work and planning, we develop and implement estate plans that achieve their goals. The estate planning tools we employ arise from our extensive experience with all aspects of income, capital gains and gift and estate tax issues; tax deferral techniques; acquisition, sale and liquidity planning; asset freeze techniques; family office planning; insurance planning; trust tax planning as well as probate and trust administration matters. Our clients’ estate plans may include the use of planning techniques such as family limited liability companies, grantor retained annuity trusts, intra family loans, gifting plans, sales to grantor trusts, qualified personal residence trusts, charitable remainder trusts and family foundations.