Estate Planning

We perform estate planning for moderate to large estates in order to conserve and transfer wealth, to preserve real estate, businesses and other assets, and to fulfill the lifetime and testamentary goals of each client as we also work to reduce administrative costs and taxes. Our personalized, high quality services focus on your estate planning and wealth transfer needs by establishing close relationships that will thrive along with your need for exceptional legal services over multiple generations.

Wills & Trust

Our estate planning services require extensive experience with wills, trusts and probate administration services for our clients in Newport Beach, Irvine and the greater California area. An effective and comprehensive estate plan will employ many tools and documents and these will likely include wills and one or more types of trusts.

Multi-Generational & Dynasty Trusts

Successful entrepreneurs, executives and professionals accumulate wealth but often have little experience in how to manage the transfer of their wealth to their families, or turn success into lasting significance. Families of such wealth face unique challenges as they endeavor to preserve assets and create a sustainable legacy for future generations.

Family Foundations

Successful families often turn to private family foundations in order to achieve significant income and transfer tax savings. These private foundations may provide the family with a structured tool for achieving long-term philanthropic goals under the family’s control and direction for many generations.

Charitable Planning

We regularly assist clients with charitable planning, whether their intended philanthropy is part of a larger estate plan or simply a single mechanism to give back to the community and receive tax savings. Of course, with proper planning, both you and the charity will profit from your philanthropic actions and you may achieve benefits that could not be achieved with a simple gift.

Estate & Trust Administration

A practical and efficient approach to estate and trust administration is just as important as an expert estate plan. After all, when you take significant steps to efficiently transfer family wealth, you’ll want to make sure that the right steps are taken after death and that estate trustees and administrators are backed by effective legal counsel.

Irrevocable Insurance Trust and Planning

Also known as an irrevocable life insurance trust, this estate planning mechanism ensures that the face value of your life insurance policies is not included in your taxable estate.
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